Product Placement

from by Strangers



Caught up in adolescent phases. Crazed to play in snot and sweat Smile and deny a hand in the prank you're destined to abet. Held below the surface while you're scrubbed above and under and then left alone to wonder fifteen or fifteen hundred? Mass consumed, the product placed. A million homes unite and pray to the champion of the very urges they've been bought and sold to tame. Voice of a generation courting ears so plugged up they won't hear it. In truth, more interested in nursing drinks than in your particularly thought-provoking lyrics. Fifteen minute resistance. A life of submission. And one million homes with trash cans full of self-important, vapid fucking bullshit.


from Strangers, released May 24, 2013




Strangers Chicago, Illinois

Jim, Joey, Kris, Ralph

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